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Dodge Charger :What does the flashing engine light mean ?(2022)


Typically, there are two types of Dodge Charger warning light and they indicate the degree of problems:

  1. Flashing; and (signifying a severe fault).
  2. Steady (signifying a trivial issue)

            If the engine light of your Dodge Charger comes on, there is a problem with the engine of the vehicle. To understand the problem, stop your vehicle immediately and try to understand the problem. These problems in the engine can be caused by various reasons, minor or major.

However, if the engine light is flashing, you should know that this problem is a dangerous problem. There may be a misfire in the engine of your car or there is a big problem in your exhaust system. These problems are critical and can have vital consequences. Therefore, you must not ignore the light or try to turn it off. Contact a service or do not use your car until you solve the problem yourself.

Dodge Charger
Dodge Charger

How do you reset the Dodge Charger check engine light?

You can turn off the check engine light on a Dodge Charger with two methods.

  1. The first method resets the check engine light by removing the positive and negative battery connections.
  2. The next method is to access the check engine light using an OBD scanner and reset it from there. Utilizing an OBD scanner has the advantage of allowing you to view the problem or error code that is turning on the check engine light. To prevent the vehicle from suffering more harm, it is crucial to identify the issue that is causing the check engine light to come on. You may rent a diagnostic tool from a near local auto parts store if you don’t have one for a modest charge and a deposit that you can receive back when you return it.
Dodge Charger – OBD Scanner


What to do when you can not handle the problem of engine light of your Dodge Charger yourself?

If you can not handle the problem yourself, you should call a professional mechanic to check your Dodge Charger. In fact, this will be the best option for solving the problem in your vehicle. Your car’s monitoring system will include “fault codes” that describe the type of issue when the Check Engine Light is on. There might be several codes since your automobile could be experiencing one or more issues.

After you schedule a service appointment with your mechanic, using a scanner, the professional mechanic will read the codes, analyze them, and make a diagnosis. After the examination, the mechanic will provide you with a thorough report that includes the diagnosis, the extent, and the price of the required repairs. After replacing the problematic parts, erasing any stored fault codes, and turning off the Check Engine Light, they will wait a few days while you drive the vehicle to see whether the light returns.

If the surveillance system fails any of its internal tests, it will turn the lights back on. That means the car has many issues. The mechanic will need to perform further diagnostics and generate a new repair estimate to resolve any issues found. In rare cases, multiple visits may be required to resolve a stubborn Check Engine Light problem.

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