How to Learn Dodge Vehicles Check Engine Light Code Without Scanner? (2023)

Many Dodge vehicles owners want to know the check engine light code light of their vehicle without a scanner. So how can you learn the check engine light code of your Dodge vehicle without a scanner?

  • Go to in the web site of your vehicle manufacturer and look for the section that describes how to read engine codes. If there is not such a section, then you may want to try searching for “how do I read engine codes?”
  • Next, follow the instructions provided by your car manufacturer. In most cases, this will involve turning on the ignition and then pressing a button or two on your dashboard until it displays some sort of message.
  • The next step involves reading this message carefully and deciphering what exactly it means. In some cases, it will tell you exactly which code has been triggered. Other times, it will give you a description of what the problem is and then provide you with a list of potential causes.
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Dodge Vehicles Check Engine Light
  • After you have viewed the code, it is time to start looking for possible solutions. In most cases, this will involve checking your owner’s manual or searching online for other people’s experiences with similar problems.
  • If you have a mechanical knowledge of cars, this process can be relatively easy. However, if you are not very familiar with the inner workings of your vehicle, it may take some time to figure out what needs to be done. If you are lucky enough to know someone who is knowledgeable about cars, they may be able to help you determine what the cause of your problem is and how best to fix it.

When did Dodge vehicles start using the OBD2 system?

In 1996, the OBD2 system was introduced for the first time. Dodge standardized OBD2 for all vehicles built after that date, allowing for more efficient communication between the vehicle and the mechanic, making repairs easier and more reliable. OBD2 was also a requirement for all vehicles built after 1996, so if your Dodge vehicles is older than that and still uses the OBD1 system, it might be time to have it checked.


Which diagnostic software is used in Dodge vehicles?

Dodge vehicles use the same software as other OBD2 compliant vehicles, which means you can use any diagnostic tool that works with OBD2. However, if your Dodge vehicle is older than 1996 and uses the OBD1 system, then you’ll need to use a special tool called a DIP-ROM reader to access those codes.

How does the OBD2 system work?

The OBD2 system uses a standardized connector that all vehicles built after 1996 have. This connector allows you to connect your vehicle’s computer with a handheld diagnostic tool and read any trouble codes.

What is a DIP-ROM tool?

A DIP-ROM reader is a special type of diagnostic tool that allows you to access information from the ECU (Electronic Control Unit) in older vehicles.

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