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Can I drive my Dodge Durango with the check engine light on? (2022)


You can drive while the engine light is on with your Dodge Durango but this dangerous situation can affect your pocket, your health, and maybe even your life. It puts the lives of not only you but also other drivers and cars in traffic in danger. Experts definitely do not recommend continuing to drive in such a situation. If your vehicle’s check engine light is on, you should calmly pull your vehicle over.

Then you must not start again until you find the main problem. There may be minor or major problems with the engine. As a result of these problems, you may encounter multiple consequences, including losing your life. To solve the problem, you can get help from an expert car mechanic or ask for help from a Dodge Durango service.

What does Dodge Durango’s constant check engine light mean?

If the check engine light is steady and the color is not red, it is simply an indication of a problem. You can be calm. You can check the problems below;

You most likely left the gas cap open or haven’t replaced it for a long time. If the cap is loose or broken, it will cost you money. Because the loosened cover will cause you extra fuel loss.

• Your vehicle’s engine battery may be dead. A vehicle without a battery will not start and cannot be used. Replacing the battery with a new one is in a different price range, but this is not a major problem.

• The vacuum system in every Dodge Durango serves a number of purposes. By directing the vapors created when gasoline evaporates within the engine, the vacuum system also aids in reducing harmful emissions. A vacuum leak may be to blame if your engine speed is high while it is idle or erratically.

Don’t worry and focus on the problem itself.

How do I know if my Dodge Durango vehicle check engine light is serious?

A check engine light on a Dodge Durango indicates that your vehicle’s engine is in serious trouble and needs immediate service. If you’re concerned, don’t drive the vehicle and schedule service today. If you do not care about the engine light, you can cause major problems.

Depending on the issue, if the check engine light comes on, it may flicker or be on all the time. A blinking light indicates an issue that requires immediate attention, or in certain automobiles, a red light instead of a yellow or orange light. In any case, you ought to get the car looked at by a technician.

You can understand the engine problems without the engine light.

• If your vehicle produces odd noises,

• If the engine is making erratic or harsh noises,

• If your vehicle develops oil stains,

• If there are smells coming from inside the automobile,

• If your vehicle is consuming more gas than usual,

• If your engine starts to lose power, you have a serious problem with your vehicle’s engine.

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