What Are All The Dodge Dakota Check Engine Light Codes? (2023)

Dodge Dakota check engine light codes is a generic code indicating that the vehicle’s computer system has diagnosed a problem. These check engine light codes can alert you to a potential problem that needs to be fixed by an expert.

The most common Dodge Dakota check engine light codes are:

  • P0021 – Ignition coil 1 circuit malfunction (Bank 1)
  • P0022 – Ignition coil 2 circuit malfunction (Bank 1)
  • P0023 – Ignition coil 3 circuit malfunction (Bank 1)
  • P0024 – Ignition coil 4 circuit malfunction (Bank 1)
  • P0025 – Ignition coil 5 circuit malfunction (Bank 1)
  • P0026 – Ignition coil 6 circuit malfunction (Bank 1)
  • P0027 – Ignition coil 7 circuit malfunction (Bank 1)
  • P0028 – Ignition coil 8 circuit malfunction (Bank 1)
  • P0029 – Ignition coil 9 circuit malfunction (Bank 1)
  • P0030 – Camshaft position sensor circuit malfunction (Bank 1)
  • P0031 – Camshaft position sensor circuit range/performance (Bank 1)
  • P0032 – Camshaft position sensor circuit low voltage (Bank 1)
  • P0033 – Camshaft position sensor circuit high voltage (Bank 1)
Dodge Dakota Check Engine Light Codes

How To Read Dodge Dakota Check Engine Light Codes Without Scanner?

To read the Dodge Dakota check engine light codes without a scanner, you can use the “key dance” method. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Place the key in the ignition and leave it there.
  2. Tap the gas pedal three times within five seconds.
  3. Turn the ignition key until it stops.
  4. Repeat the process two more times (for a total of three cycles).
  5. After the third cycle, the check engine light will flash any stored codes. The codes will be displayed as a series of long and short flashes, with a short pause between each code.

Here’s how to interpret the codes:

  • A long flash (1.5 seconds) represents the number “1”.
  • A short flash (0.5 seconds) represents the number “0”.
  • A pause of three seconds separates each code.
  • A pause of seven seconds indicates the end of the code sequence.
  • For example, if the check engine light flashes three long flashes, followed by two short flashes, followed by a pause, it means the code is “310”.
Dodge Dakota Check Engine Light Codes

What Do Dodge Dakota Check Engine Light Codes Do?

The Dodge Dakota check engine light codes is designed to let you know when there is a problem with your vehicle. It could be something small, like low oil or gas levels, or it could be something more serious, like a loose gas cap or faulty catalytic converter. Dodge Dakota check engine light codes are used to diagnose problems with your vehicle’s emissions system. The computer in your Dodge Dakota will scan for a failure in the system, such as a bad sensor or wiring problem.

It then records the particular code and displays it on your dashboard. Check engine light codes can help you determine the source of the problem and prevent further damage to your vehicle. While some codes are more serious than others, each one will give you an idea of what needs to be fixed. In most cases, you’ll need to take your Dodge Dakota into a repair shop for diagnosis and repairs.

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