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What are the most common problems with the Dodge Caravan? (2022)


The most common problems with the Dodge Caravan include:

-Stalling after a cold start (the engine may need an oil change)

-A clunking sound when turning right (you may have a bad rear axle)

-A loud banging noise when accelerating (the timing belt may be worn)

-Excessive engine oil consumption (you may need a new valve gasket)

-The check engine light comes on and stays on (you may have an issue with the catalytic converter)

-The engine makes a knocking noise when it’s cold (you may have a bad timing belt)

-A loud squealing sound when turning right (you may have worn tires)

-The car stalls when you try to start it (you may have a bad fuel pump)

-The engine makes a sputtering noise when you accelerate (you may have an issue with the catalytic converter)

-You hear a rattling sound coming from underneath the vehicle (you may need new shocks)

Why has production of the Dodge Caravan been stopped?

The Dodge Caravan has a long history of reliable transportation. It’s been in production since 1984, and it’s the longest-selling minivan in American history.

In 2010, the Dodge Caravan was outsold by its competition. The Honda Odyssey and Toyota Sienna were both more popular than the Dodge Caravan.

Production of the Dodge Caravan has been stopped due to declining sales and increased competition from other manufacturers.

Dodge Caravan Can the check engine light be disabled?

The check engine light can be disabled, but it is not recommended. Your car will run fine without the light on, but you may run into trouble if there is a problem with your car and you don’t know about it. If you have an issue with your car that requires a service technician to look at it, they will need to see the check engine light in order to diagnose the problem.

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